LightsOut Booking becomes LightsOut Events

     In 2005 LightsOut Booking was born. Its only purpose was to give back to the community while helping the lower-level bands grow into who they are today. We won't name drop at this time, but you have most certainly heard of quite a few of them. Every show was an event for a different charity and was one of the best productions in Nashville, TN. We were laser focused on putting the best bands in the nation with the best lighting and audio companies for that scale.

     Although we loved that part of our existence, we later decided to become who we are today. Part of what sparked the shift was seeing bands that couldn't afford lighting playing in venues that depended on them to bring their own production. As you can image, a washed-out, white light music event is no fun to look at and we set out to change that. To help with this issue we created lighting packages for any size venue or stage. Welcome to the stage, LightsOut Events! Not only do we design, rent and run shows at your local small-scale venues but also large-scale festivals. Please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can help with your next big event.

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